Body Coaching Berlin: Sieglinde Hieke

Somatic Experiencing (SE)® 

is a body-oriented approach to processing traumatic experiences that impair our personal protective mechanisms and leave the body feeling overwhelmed and helpless.

Somatic Experiencing®  communicates directly with the body’s memory. It aims to restore the nervous system’s natural self-regulation and thereby transform the physical symptoms resulting from shock.

With presence and awareness, we investigate sensations, feelings, inner images, thoughts, beliefs and motor responses and become conscious of them. This approach allows us to discover individual resources and experience personal “safe spaces” and their boundaries. Through many small steps, we oscillate to the existing fears and traces of these traumatizing events, then come back to a place of safety. By consciously returning to this “safe space,” the body, and especially the nervous system, can learn to put these traumatic memories into perspective and renegotiate the HERE and NOW.

In the process, the body becomes more confident. Its natural awareness and vigilance are amplified and positively influence one’s thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs.

Additional information on working with Somatic Experiencing® can be found on the website of Somatic Experiencing Deutschland e.V., at

I am currently in a three-year course to become an SE therapist and have successfully completed the first two years as an intermediate student.

SE sessions are generally held while seated (without physical contact) and in the current COVID situation, sessions can be held effectively on line, through Zoom or Skype.

Please contact me if you are interested in a session. Sessions last around 60 minutes, at 55 Euros/session.