Body Coaching Berlin: Sieglinde Hieke

The following voices of clients are intended to illustrate the different application possibilities of the body work.


P.G., 40 years old, Journalist, 10/20/2016

I became a freelancer around 10 years ago.

For years I suffered from existential fears, even though I’ve always earned enough money to pay my bills, and for years I thought these existential fears were the price I had to pay for my love of independence—until I happened upon Sieglinde and her type of bodywork.

After a few months of treatment, my existential fears transformed more and more into feelings of freedom and trust. I don’t know the details of how her bodywork functions, just that it works. That’s why I jokingly call it my “psychological massage,” which I am now also using to  deal step-by-step with my other problems large and small—and each time I discover with great joy how wonderful it is to finally let go.

I recommend this bodywork—practiced in Sieglinde’s particular way—most warmly to anyone who would like to rid themselves of the things that limit their lives or make them unhappy.


K.T., 39 years old, social pedagogue,  9/10/2016

By working with Sieglinde, I have discovered what it means to be present in my body, and I use this all the time in my everyday life. I now know the space in me and am able to rest in my body, no matter what is happening around me.

In loving and gentle fashion, Sieglinde helped me resolve emotional blockages in my body that resulted from a wide range of emotional injuries in my childhood. I am more and more able to recognize when my body tenses up in my everyday life and what situations trigger this tension. The fact that I am aware of this allows me to release the tension. Not only do I profit from the wonderful sessions with Sieglinde; so do my partner and my daughter, as well as everyone around me. Tension and the stress reactions that follow from it, in which I always imitated my mother, have become much less common.

This bodywork seems to me the most natural way of resolving old patterns of thought and behavior that have taken root in the body. In this way, I am developing naturally into a person who is at peace with myself, who cannot be knocked down by anything, who can love and be loved.

Sieglinde is very competent, one might say “overqualified,” since she is also trained in other naturopathic techniques. To me, this can be felt in the sessions. Sieglinde has the ability to react to me intuitively. She has a great deal of life experience and is not afraid to approach solutions to problems practically, in the here and now. To me, Sieglinde is a true all-around talent in the healing professions.

Thank you!