Body Coaching Berlin: Sieglinde Hieke

Pantarei - Everything is Fluid and Changing ....

Body work using the Pantarei Approach starts with the belief that we are constantly changing and that we are capable of actively influencing these changes. We trust our body’s intelligence, and especially the body’s ability to regulate itself intuitively. The practitioner's touch guides and encourages this process of experience and learning.

The goal is to increase our awareness of our bodies through communication, touch and breathing, and to gain new awareness with the help of our minds. You will explore your body’s reactions and recognize its individual strengths and abilities. This brings clarity and strength and makes room for new ways of influencing your life.

The more clearly we  perceive our bodies, the better we understand what we need, what we want, and what we are capable of.



Zertifizierte Praktikerin der Pantarei Körperarbeit

Getting to Know each Other

At the first meeting, we get to know each other. You tell me what you would like to change in your life and the difficulties that stand in the way of achieving your goals. This change may involve physical symptoms and the pain they cause, or thoughts and behaviors that create limits. Meanwhile, I observe your body and its responses.
I will then demonstrate various treatment techniques and types of touch and encourage you to carefully feel and observe your breathing and other physical reactions.

At the end of this initial meeting, you will generally know whether my work is for you, and we can then establish the goals of the learning process and the probable time period. Often it takes only a few sessions to achieve a stronger connection to yourself and your own resources.

The first meeting is free of charge and lasts around 30 minutes.

Individual Sessions

A session always includes a personal conversation and direct bodywork.  First you tell me your situation and concerns. We then agree on a goal/focus for the session. This may involve physical tension and the pain it causes, or consciously chosen processes of learning and change.

We will then apply the types of touch and movement appropriate to the goal you have chosen. Each touch automatically causes a physical reaction. Through breathing and movement, your body tells its story and indicates what it expects and needs.
I guide the sessions through verbal communication and touch, always with respect, empathy and acceptance of your limits. Some sessions are conducted in a gently playful atmosphere; in others, difficult emotions are processed. Past experiences of joy, fear or pain that have been stored in your body are sometimes activated in the sessions, and we give them as much time and space as necessary. Consciously perceiving these physical experiences and the emotions that accompany them makes it possible to integrate them into your consciousness and accept them as part of your lived reality. This often leads to greater serenity, relaxation and self-acceptance.
At the end we allow a period of rest for 5-10 minutes. In this resting phase, we often experience different physical feelings and insights than before.

Individual sessions last 60 minutes and cost 75€.