Body Coaching Berlin: Sieglinde Hieke

Bodywork - Holistic Coaching 

Our body is an intelligent, autonomous being.
It knows more than we think, and has stored memories of fear, anger, grief, pain and much more. This knowledge is available to us. Through holistic bodywork, we can transfer it from the realm of automated responses to conscious behaviors and changed.

You can learn and change with your body and bodywork. The body forms a unit with your thoughts, feelings and needs. All of this makes up you: a human being with your own combination of experience, knowledge and belief—one of a kind.

We can support and activate access to this wealth of experience. We do this by touching, mindfulness and validating what the body shows us. Suddenly, through your physical reactions, something can become clear to you and you realize that there are always several possibilities of reaction to an old experience. From this realization, new options arise to choose from.

The road to change lies before you and brings more clarity, relaxation and vitality.

Feel your Body = Being HERE and NOW 

Most people are usually preoccupied with their own thoughts. We think either of something nice or stressful from the past or we think of something  new that we expect or fear in the future. Thoughts prevent us from being in the here and now.
But being connected to our body and feeling it can only happen HERE - in this place, and NOW - in this moment. Then we are present.

All feelings, also joy and happiness can only be felt in the HERE and NOW. 

By perceiving the feelings in the body, the associated old patterns of behavior can be observed and recognized. Our body intelligence understands the connections, can compare the previous reactions to it with the actual reality and intervene regulatively. Often it is only then realized that the threat is long gone. The body is allowed to relax and the energy can flow again.

If this sounds appealing, come by and see what happens.