Body Coaching Berlin: Sieglinde Hieke

Other Treatments

I am fascinated by the differences and diversity of human beings. Everyone is different and has his or her own way of being open to change. Each body and each nervous system responds in its own individual way.

Many of my clients come to me to overcome pain and tension. We can find out together what you need most and what treatment method is most appropriate. I therefore offer the following alternatives to Panterei:

Foot Analysis / Foot Massage  

We examine the mobility, size, position and form of your feet in order to determine your individual potential and compare it with the current situation resulting from abnormalities (hardening, lines, etc.). We distinguish four areas of the food: air/thought, fire/action, water/emotion, earch/needs. The attitude with which we approach life becomes clear, along with the directions of our efforts and limitations and our potential areas of growth.

In Foot massage, the foot’s pressure-sensitive reflex zones are subjected to mechanical stimulation, in order to achieve tension-reducing effects in specific parts of the body.
If parts of the client’s body are too sensitive or direct touch to painful parts of the body is too difficult, working with the feet can help to release tensions, improve breathing, and achieve changes in the body.

Each treatment lasts  around 60 minutes and costs 75€.

R.E.S.E.T. - Jaw Balancing

This is a simple, gentle manual therapy (pioneered by Philip Rafferty) that relaxes the jaw muscles and balances the system of joints in the jaw.
The jaw joint is connected to the spinal column and thus influences the skeletal and nervous systems. It plays a central role in communicating with the head-coccyx axis and the connection between muscles and brain. Tension in the jaw can thus affect the entire body, for example by impairing the musculoskeletal system, digestion, and nervous system.

Relaxing the jaw muscles can have a positive effect on other muscles and fascia, nerve pathways, and the functioning of internal organs.
A balanced jaw is particularly important for all bodily functions and organ systems.

We recommend two sessions. Each lasts 60 minutes and costs 75€.

Dorn Therapy

This is a manual treatment method in which misalignments in the spine, pelvis, hips, knees and ankles are brought back into alignment through light pressure by the therapist and simultaneous movement by the client. It is generally used for back and joint pain. In my practice, I combine it with techniques to relax the muscles.

We first check the length of your legs and balance the three largest leg joints. After that we examine the pelvis, sacrum and spine.
The actual correction of the misalignment is always achieved through the client’s movement, while the therapist applies light counterpressure to the affected vertebrae or joints. This oscillation prevents the incorrect position from being held in place by the muscles, and makes possible a gentle, efficient correction of the misalignment.

Each treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes and costs 75€.