Body Coaching Berlin: Sieglinde Hieke

Each Session supports your Individual Goals

Unlike a massage, for this bodywork it is crucial that the client participate actively in the session of the treatment. This begins with the goal definition at the beginning of each session and encompasses all the body’s reactions (movement, breathing, emotions), which emerge to reveal what is needed most over the course of the treatment. Together, client and practitioner then decide whether, and how much, to use this information.

Our aim is to heighten attention to the body through verbal communication, touch and breathing, and thus to learn from the body. We want to explore any disruptive behavioral patterns and acknowledge the individual strengths that accompany them. These strengths are often hidden under our “problems,” making it difficult to recognize them. This process creates space for new experiences, new ways of expanding the range of possibilities and shaping one’s life.


Since most people suffer from tension in the shoulders and neck, these areas of the body are treated in sessions, and essential treatment techniques are demonstrated: communication, touch, breathing and mindfulness.

By consciously tensing, holding, and releasing, we experience how the body holds tension, generally unconsciously, and learn to consciously experience letting go.

I offer free 20-minute getting-to-know- you sessions.


Individual sessions are the usual treatment form. These sessions pursue the client’s individual goals, whether the issue is physical tension and the pain it causes, or deliberately chosen processes of learning and change.

Sessions normally begin with 5-10 minutes of verbal communication, in order to determine what concerns the client at the moment and/or what is causing him or her the most problems. Using this as a basis, work with the body can then begin (35-45 minutes). The session ends with a rest period of 5-10 minutes.

Individual sessions are 60 minutes long. The fee is 45 €.


Foot analysis can be booked in combination with individual sessions.

Posture, shape, size and movement of the feet are examined to compare the client’s individual potential with any existing abnormalities (stiffness, lines, etc.).We distinguish four different regions of the foot: air/thought, fire/action, water/feeling, earth/need.

Our attitude towards life, where we exert or limit ourselves, and the areas in which our growth potential lies all become visible.

Foot analysis lasts approximately 50 minutes. The fee is 45 €.